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                                       RONALD J.A. BERGHS

Guitar Maker
Ned       Eng

Guitar Models
Model A1 ( also available in double top )
Model A2 (also available in double top )

The instruments are fully handmade and constructed in the Spanish tradition but they have a dovetail connection between neck and sound box. The wood that is being used is of top quality and has dried under the most ideal circumstances for at least 8 years.
Choice of wood : Top : European Spruce, Sitka
Western red Ceder
Back and side : Rosewood
European Maple
Neck : Cedarwood
Key : Ebony
Standard String Length : 650 mm (others at request)
Machine heads : Irving Sloane (others at request)
French- Polish
Also restoration & repair to existing classical guitars.

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Model A1 Double Top

Model A2 Double Top

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Model A1